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Welcome To WWVPT
Location: 46 deg 03' 00.10" N, 118 deg 21' 51.91" W
Length: 300', Width: 17'
Elevation: 873'

Established in 1976. We are located in Walla Walla, Washington, on Myra road behind the Fort Walla Walla Museum at the top of the hill by the amphitheater. We have a 20 foot wide, 300 foot long paved runway with ample grass overruns at each end which most of our members seem to need. Out actual field area is 3 acres but our flying area encompasses about 9 acres. We have 12 tables for aircraft preparation and maintenance. All but two have 12 volt electrical outlets available for battery charging and for electric starters for gas engines. Shade trees give us relief from Walla Walla's hot summer days. These trees will also occasionally reach out to snag planes out of the air.We fly all types of aircraft and helicopters. While some members fly gas powered planes, the majority fly electric powered planes.
Club members can be usually found at the field on Saturdays and Sundays, and sometimes on weekdays. Spectators are always welcome.
Because our field is part of the Fort Walla Walla park, the City of Walla Walla requires anyone flying at this field to provide proof of liability insurance that covers themselves and the City of Walla Walla in case of an accident. Walla Walla Valley Proptwisters provides such insurance to club members for a very reasonable cost. The City does not maintain our field or provide assistance for it's care. Club membership dues pays for field maintenance as well as the liability insurance the City requires.
Club meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month during the winter at locations decided in advance. During the summer months meetings are held the first Sunday of the month at the field.
Our Mission
- Provide a safe flying area for the enjoyment of flying remote control model aircraft.
- Promote the hobby by assisting new members with their first flights

    The weather was fairly cooperative for the 4th of July events at Fort WW Airfield. Many members came out for the Potluck, with lots of good food to eat.
     We’d like to thank Allen Pomeraning for organizing the Slow Stick combat and Pylon races. These are fun events to participate in and to watch.
     Results for the Combat were: 1 crash and no ribbon cutting. Lots of flying around and around, near misses with uuuuuhs and ahhhhs.
     Pylon race was very interesting. Pylons were set up at the ends of the runway. Each pilot flew six timed laps for each class.

     Winners in Classes
          Hobby King Racers-Mike Jacobs
          3-cell Electric-Jeremy Ngowski
          4-cell Electric-Tom Reid
          40-size Glow-Darrel Benedict
          Helicopter-Jeremy Ngowski
          Quad copter-Cliff Larson

     We like to thank Allen Pomeraning for stepping up and organizing these events, as well as the following members that volunteered as judges and timers.
     Mark Horner
     Tom Reid
     Jeremy Ngowski
     Roy Lightle
     Blake Marshall
     Cliff Larson
     Corey Tretton

     We appreciate all the contributions for the Potluck and the enjoyable day we had. And a BIG thanks, as usual, to our treasurer, Jim Jones for buying the chicken and pop.

Wanted -- Editorial and Content Contributions

     We realize that our club members have a lot of experience and knowledge concerning the R/C hobby as well as being quite clever (with certain exceptions).  We need to tap this vast resource. If you have any ideas related to any of the topics on this web site, please feel free to submit these ideas.
     Although we strongly support the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment (and some of the the other ones too), we request that good taste and above all, common sense, will be displayed by all.

Photo Formats
     When submitting photos, please use the 640 x 480 format on your camera. All photos must be unedited and uncompressed (I'd rather do that myself). Submissions must be the property of the submiter. No photos that were downloaded from the web PLEASE, and, of course, captions are a must. Up to Seven photos will be selected per submission.

Video Formats
     Video submissions are a bit more complicated. There are as many video formats out there as there are players to play them. WMV or AVI formats are preferred formats and most other formats can be converted. Screen sizes and lengths should be 320 x 283 (or less)and no longer than 1-1/2 minutes.. Contact the webmaster for more information.

Drawings / Plans
     Plans and drawings should be submitted in AutoCad DXF or PDF format. Objects should be unfilled and a scale of inches should also be visible on the drawings. If you have Corel Draw prior to and including Corel Draw 11, those will work very well and can also be exported to DXF formats. Submissions will be screened for accuracy and quality.
     All submissions must be original work. No copied files from the internet, PLEASE.

Editorials / Soap Box
     Editorials should be written by an officer of the club whereas the Soap Box section is available to any member who has some nagging thought to impart to the membership or to the R/C community in general. Please, no personal attacks, slanderous or libelous comments. I know we are asking alot in some cases.

     There are some club members who go above and beyond the call of duty to bring a bit of extra 'heart' to our club. These good people should be recognized, branded as such and run off the property, because they give the rest of us a bad name.

Site Designers' Comments
     The web designer will attempt to insert as much content into this site as possible in order to fill empy voids. Members are encouraged to submit as much additional content as is possible. After all, this is your web site. I will try to get out to the field as often as possible to take pictures and videos.

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